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About Us

Ron Witherspoon Inc. has been at the forefront of precision manufacturing for the high tech, medical, aerospace and defense industries since 1977. RWI is a woman-owned company with facilities in the heart of Silicon Valley and near the Monterey peninsula. We are ITAR approved and ISO 9001 certified. RWI is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturing companies on the west coast.

RWI consistently delivers quality products on time and on budget, while also taking on, and successfully completing, many jobs that other manufacturers have deemed “impossible”. Our highly skilled employees are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations and take pride in the parts they produce. RWI has an in-house engineering department to assist our customers in planning both prototype and production manufacturing. Our quality control department excels at all levels of inspection. RWI is much more than a supplier of your parts; we are your partner for success.

Our Team is here to provide you with:

  • Quotes for parts from simple to intricate
  • High quality manufacturing and on-time delivery
  • Secure manufacturing for all of your proprietary projects

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Two Locations in the Bay Area and Monterey County.
info@rwinc.com | 408.370.6620

What Our Customers Think About Us

“The professionalism and skill RWI uses in daily operation and for special projects are a welcome part of working with such a fine supplier. The expertise that RWI brings to the table is by far world class!”
Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Company
“RWI’s overall commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is excellent.”
Subcontract Administrator, Aerospace Company
“There isn’t another supplier I work with as trusting, honest, and professional as RWI.”
Senior Purchasing Officer, Medical Company
“Working with any and all RWI employees is excellent and satisfying in all phases.”
Purchasing Officer, Medical Company
“RWI has been a pleasure to work with!”
Mechanical Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company
“I hold all suppliers to the standards set by RWI.”
Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Company
“I’m a fan of RWI!”
Mechanical Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company
“Over all one of the best shops around.”
Manufacturing Engineer, Hi-Tech Company
More Information
RWI has extensive experience in precision manufacturing parts from all types of metals and plastics—from the most common steel and aluminum alloys to more exotic materials such as tungsten, titanium, beryllium copper and Glidcop. Additionally, we provide a wide selection of manufacturing capabilities ranging from standard vertical and horizontal CNC milling to 5-axis and micro-milling; from sinker and wire EDM to fine wire EDM: from turning to screw machines to micro-turning and mill/turn.