RWI is a leader in the EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) industry, and our dedicated team is ready to partner with you. Our full complement of machines from Agie Charmille, Current, and Mitsubishi consists of multiple Wire EDMs, Sinker EDMs, and CNC/ Manual hole poppers.

Our Agie Vertex fine wire EDM can use wire as fine as .0008″ diameter and is housed in its own dedicated, climate controlled room to support the manufacturing of extremely high precision parts.

RWI’s EDM machines with small hole attachments can drill a hole as small as .002″ diameter in hardened materials.


Machine Type Maximum X Dimension* Maximum Y Dimension* Maximum Z Dimension*
Fine Wire EDM 8.00″ 5.50″ 3.00″
Wire EDM 21.50″ 13.50″ 16.00″
Sinker EDM 19.70″ 13.70″ 13.70″
Hole Popper 19.00″ 13.80″ 12.00″
* Dimensions in inches