RWI Minimizes its Impact With Environmental Awareness

Historically, the manufacturing industry in the United States has Environmental Awareness Recycle Imageoften been characterized as dirty and environmentally damaging. Not Ron Witherspoon, Inc. We take environmental awareness and our responsibility for helping to care for the Earth very seriously. Toward that end, RWI has taken a number of steps to minimize our impact on the environment by following guidelines of ISO 14001.

All of our waste material, including paper, cardboard, plastic containers, soda cans, and even the metal and plastic “chips” produced as waste products during manufacturing, is recycled, as is all of the coolant and lubricating oil we use in our machining processes. Further, virtually all of our machines use water-based coolants which are inherently less damaging to the environment to produce, use, and recycle than older oil-based formulations.

Additionally, RWI is keenly aware of the environmental contamination that may be caused by metal and chemical emissions, as we currently manufacture parts that are RoHS and REACH compliant for a number of customers.