Manufacturing Consultation ImageRWI is no stranger to helping our customers take a concept and develop it into a successful product. In fact, unlike many manufacturers, our engineers and manufacturing experts actually relish the challenges involved in facilitating the process of manufacturing consultation. Our consulting services begin by performing a review of the customer’s conceptual design with regard to factors such as overall “manufacturability”, dimensional tolerancing, and material selection. For assemblies, we routinely assist in fit checks and functional assessment at the conceptual design stage. Once the conceptual design has been approved by our customer, we develop a prototype manufacturing process and produce a first article for our customer to physically test and evaluate. Sometimes it takes a few iterations of design modification to refine the conceptual design, and several “first articles” are manufactured until the customer’s design and performance goals for the part are met. At that point, we review our prototype manufacturing process, refine it as needed to efficiently produce the number of parts our customer requires, and provide per-piece cost quotes for the customer’s production needs, leading to a production run of the part. We have successfully applied this process to a wide variety of parts, including:

  • Bone screws for the repair of spinal column fractures
  • Microwave horns for communications satellites
  • Multi-leaf collimators for the radiation treatment of cancer
  • Stents for coronary angioplasty
  • Tantalum grid sets for radar systems
  • Tungsten X-ray collimators for nondestructive inspection
  • Cathodes for use in a variety of klystrons, traveling-wave tubes (TWTs), and backward wave oscillators (BWOs), etc.
  • Cartridge carrier for ink jet printer